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The Cotswolds, Oxfordshire

Lottie & Jamie

Lottie & Jamie's stunningly colourful festival wedding

Festival weddings are so popular these days and why not? They are fun, colourful, stylish and allow couples to express their fun side. Our circus style marquees are entirely suitable for these themed weddings but of course you really don't have to be too hippified, better be to more boho or diy and simply enjoy the freedom from formality! Be yourself at your wedding and though you will want to please everyone you don't have to do all that tradition presumes to expect. While all your friends and family are gathered, even if you have had a formal Registry or religious legal wedding, you could still have an onsite humanist celebrant or naturalist ceremony, jump the broomstick or have a hand fasting ceremony! 

But I digress down the festival rabbit hole!  We are here to take a look at this wonderfully colourful wedding for Lottie & Jamie that happened in a paddock next to "mother of the brides" house in the Cotswolds. Cute family guard dogs are essential in the countryside!

We created a long pathway leading to the reception through an avenue of trees. Guests entered through a smaller reception drinks bar tent that also became the night-clubbing first-dance party venue after the meal. This reception tent is the Candy Bar range of tents.

The reception meal bigger marquee was stylishly furnished with rustic farmhouse tables and chairs that came from one of our regular suppliers in the area (as did the generator) and flowed with grass green carpet.

As you can see, there is lots of luxurious and theatrical velvet draping and swagging. This gives a very luxurious style to the proceedings and we actually have wall linings in red or burgundy velvet, window drapes and curtains in red velvet and lot of those giant gold braid swag; very handy if you would like to re-create a Buckingham Palace balcony effect! The thick velvet wall lining is also very handy in colder months to help keep the marquees warm, even if we have plenty of heating installed. (Yes, we have heaters! )

Lots of super size paper lanterns were in both tents as it can be a really good idea to fill the ceiling voids. We have devised systems of hanging them in clusters in mid air or around the centre poles. Equally they can be hung individually or you can create a similar effect using giant helium filled balloons.

Additional smaller tents were used as a walkway link to catering service tents and toilets and out the front was a pop up "smokers" shelter.

Have you spotted the vintage crockery?

The photography was by Somerset's award winning Emily Fairweather Photography.  

This serves as a typical real wedding case study in our strawberry and cream range of red and white circus style wedding marquees.

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