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Ruan Minor, The Lizard, Cornwall

Aileen & Rob

a coastal festival wedding celebration, AKA "Snugfest"

"SnugFest"; A Colourful Cornish Wedding Feast.

A "kernowek demedhyans kevewi"; a "Cornish marriage feast".

This was indeed a proper job! ( a "ewn oberen").

A fine local celebration on the village playing-fields, between Aileen and Rob in June 2018, who have great nicknames "Snail and Nugget!" (What names will the children get?).

The Bigtopmania HQ is in Devon...just the other side of the River Tamar "border" near Launceston and we are also confusingly, in a Cornish post-code area, so of course we supply marquees in Cornwall as much as Devon and far further afield.

Planning for the best and getting it, the tent got slightly side-stepped during the day as they made full use of the peak summer sunshine and views that we all dream of for our wedding day.

They actually got married slightly earlier on The Isles of Scilly (Why wouldn't you!) and on the day had more of a humanist ceremony. With the wedding day stress out of the way everyone can look forward to a far more relaxing breakfast feast.

You can see that full use of out-door catering, buffet tables and seating was made with some amazing Cornish BBQ foods on offer. Plus you may as well throw in a boat and some fishing tackle; it's Cornwall of course! 

Guests arrived through the day (maybe the entire population of the Lizard !), relaxed a lot and the fun included all the usual (drunken?) dressing up and shenanigans by wedding couple and guests alike.

Quite a bit of cider-fulled sunbathing by the look of it too!

Hint; why not do the same and book a batch of matching deckchairs in red and white stripes! 

No Cornish wedding would be authentic without a van delivery of pasties to line the stomachs of the guests throughout the afternoon. (How much food do you need? Lots! Big slow-cooked bbq, Burritos, pasties, Ice! I wish we were there for dinner!)

Vibrant colours are plentiful at this coastal wedding from the blushing salads to the blue skies, the big top and the silent-disco Led headphones; all of which has been captured beautifully by photographer Sam Box .

We see a lot of amazing photos from some very talented photographers and we particularly love the way Sam captured the emotions of the day and then created a sneak peak of the wedding gallery.

As a truly real wedding case study, this wedding is fantastic inspiration for anyone wanting to create their own relaxed fun-filled festival wedding that will be remembered by the whole locale.

Wedding planning tip;

Humanist (non-religious) ceremonies are increasingly popular and celebrants are readily available and will come to marquee weddings, This is a good list of humanist celebrants and other information. Let's be honest, a hand-fasting ceremony in a beautiful location is incredibly romantic compared to a registry office!

Look here if you seeking a celebrant in Cornwall are and you may even find our tents in the Eeek Cornish wedding supplier directory marquee listing!

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