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White Canvas Marquees.

Traditional pole-marquees with unique contemporary style.

Illustration of a wedding marquee

Let’s face it, as much as we love them, not everyone needs a circus tent for their event!
We recognise the need for a little normality, but we didn’t want it to be your run of the mill white tent as we strive to stand out from the crowd.
We love our main 'Petal Pole-Marquee' and we also have lots of square and rectangular canvas marquees plus the champagne and 'Tea-Rose' mini-marquees which all compliment each other and look great alongside the main structure.

The lovely thing about this Petal Marquee is that it has all the classic traits of a white wedding marquee but with a modern twist, so it is offering a contemporary development on traditional design.

This is a beautiful evolution of the traditional canvas pole tent with all the usual wood, rope, canvas and detail. We call her Scoopy because of the 'Scoops'; the shaped styling on the edge of the tent.

A wedding table within a marquee

The British manufacturer calls her a “Petal Marquee”.
We were a very early investor in this design and have renewed the original already.

She comes in 4 main sizes. 9x9m, 9x15m, 9x21m and 9x27m.
(And requires a further 2m all the way around the perimeter for stakes and guy ropes.)

She is very pretty and a real piece of art to look at and we love the elegant vibe it exudes.

She comes with wooden king-poles and side poles, wooden dollies/finials and natural fibre hempex ropes and block and tackles.
All wooden parts are well oiled for longevity.

Being predominantly made from natural ingredients for the eco-conscious she may suit you if you are seeking a more sustainable "green" wedding.

She has lovely porches and matching smaller canvas tents to use as champagne reception tents, bars, catering, picnic and side stall tents.
Sizes include 'Tea Rose' design in 3x3m 4x6m and in 2019 a beautiful new canvas 6x6m with a medieval / victorian styling.

In 2021 we are building a range of new 6m wide modular canvas tents that will be able to be erected in various sizes and amounts including  6x6m, 6x9m 6x12m, 6x15m, 6x18m and 6x21m initially.
There will also be a new 4.5x4.5m marquee available.

These are all white, a sort of 'cream' canvas in reality!
We work hard to keep the cream canvas clean and would love it if you could do the same!

TENT Catalouge

White Canvas Marquee Ranges

A wedding table within a marquee


Traditional pole marquee with a unique contemporary style.


9x9m Canvas Petal Marquee for hire for weddings and events across the countryside.

View details

Scoopy Do

9x15m white canvas Petal wedding marquee.

View details

Scoopy Scoopy Do

9x21m white canvas traditional Petal pole marquee.

View details

The perfect canvas wedding marquee for:

The couple that still wants a white wedding marquee but wants to stand out and step away from the standard traditional rectangular “flower show” marquee or white clear-span style tents. If that’s you, then you need a canvas petal marquee.

A pretty petal tent is an ideal "rustic wedding tent", "bohemian chic" or "Eco" wedding marquee, especially when decorated with stylish bunting, macrame plant hangers, foliage or crafted garlands, warm lighting features and furnished with rustic wooden furniture such as farmhouse tables, wooden benches or cross back chairs. We love styling her up! 

We suggest that at full size she is suitable for 150-180 guests at tables with a dance floor and band.

Put the Prosecco on ice, bake the cakes, trim the sandwiches and harvest the strawberries for the quintessential English summer garden parties on a nicely cropped lawn!

More Canvas Tents

Keep your look consistent

Tea Rose Picnic Tent

A small, elegant & natural canvas marquee with "colonial" styling.

View details

Champagne Tent

A beautiful stylish and luxury canvas Tea-Rose Marquee.

View details


The 6m range of traditional canvas pole marquees with a decorative "Victorian" square cut valence.

View details

Catering & Service Tents

Smaller pagoda style marquees mainly used as wedding catering tents.

View details
Sample Package

For detailed explanation of all the different prices and capacities download our brochure

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Our other tent ranges

Illustration of red white circus tent

Red and White Tents

Welcome to our world which is filled with Strawberries & Cream and Candy

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Illustration of a  red and yellow circus tent

Red and Yellow Tents

Red and Yellow big tops and striped circus tent style marquees for hire

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Red Tents

Built Spring 2015,  as a result of our circus shows at Wellington Country Park being too well attended. A rise in demand led to a need for a bigger tent.

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