About us

Who are BigTopMania?

Bigtopmania is our family business, established in 1987. We’ve grown from a one-man circus act that could fit in a suitcase to something much bigger and better.

As our family has grown, so has our network of performers and support staff. We’ve got shedloads (literally) of circus tents, marquees, accessories and equipment now too.

We have spent the last three decades championing live circus entertainment, supporting events with beautiful big tops and marquees, delighting children with immersive play areas at festivals and putting smiles on faces at parties. Now we supply many of the UK’s largest and well-known festivals with festival marquees and children's entertainment. We’re proud to play our part in so many special moments when we supply private and public events every year.

Our success has been built on honest, hard work and our love for live events, festivals and entertainment. We build great relationships with our customers, too. Over the years, we’ve played our small part in the circus renaissance and the growing popularity of contemporary circus. Cirque is now top of the list of themes for every event planner wanting to add sparkle and sawdust to their next event.


The business is managed by Pete (father), Ann (mother), Lucas (son), Leo (daughter) based in Bristol and Devon.

We’ve got a large extended family of performers and supporters too, who help us cater for clients all over the UK and Europe.


Don’t forget, big things happen in little tents!

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Pete Wintercrane

We call him the Chief! He works tirelessly to make sure everything runs smoothly and lives and breathes Bigtopmania. Pete will most likely be the person you book with and will handle your enquiry from start to completion.

Lucas 'Jet' Wintermei

Lucas Jet, has been working for Bigtopmania all of his young life. You'll find him on stage performing or running children's areas and he knows all the measurements of the tents off by heart :)

Anne Wintercrane

The glue that holds it all together, Anne can often be found on site or driving all manner of our vehicles around the country. She lacks the height for hanging the walls but her eye for detail makes her an invaluable member of the team.

Leonie Wintercrane

Leo is a fantastic hula hoop artist and trapeze performer. She also is a key member of the trapeze teachers team at all of our festivals.

Jony Tesafaye Aka Jony Juggler

Jony Juggler is one of the most charming chaps you could meet. As well as being a world class juggler and walking ladder artist, he's a very hard worker and part of the core big top crew.


Franco first joined our team in 2015 when he rented a room from Lucas in Bristol. Since his first day when Lucas dragged him along to make up numbers, he's become one of our most experiences marquee team members. He got a first class honours from Bristol Institute of Music and when he's not working with us, he's the front man of an alternative rap duo that have played shows in Italy, Latvia, Amsterdam.


We've known Chris for around 15 years from his years working with a craft team in one of our children's areas at Guilfest for many years. He brings a keen eye for details and makes the best cheese on toast. In his spare time he likes to dig on victorian rubbish dumps hunting for buried treasure! All of this is true.