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Red and White Tents.

Welcome to our red and white marquee world!
A colourful land filled with "Strawberries & Cream" and "Candy"!

Illustration of red white circus tent

We have two main red and white ranges of Big Tops and larger Circus style marquees:
'Strawberries & Cream' and 'Candy'
'Strawberries & Cream' circus tents are bigger with 12m widths and details of the different sizes available are below.
Further down this page is information about all the smaller 9m wide 'Candy' striped marquee range.
We also have red and white professional easy-up gazebos and a unique candy-striped 6x6m pagoda style marquee that fits the circus theme nicely, perfect as a foyer to a bigger tent or stand-alone for urban events or smaller gardens.

What’s your event and how can we help?

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Festivals and Events

This red and white marquee range works beautifully for unique weddings; festival theme parties, circus parties, vintage themes, fairground themes, theatre tents, performance venues and alternative brides!

Are you planning a circus themed party? Maybe an 18th, 21st or 40th party or children’s party. We supply beautiful tents & party theme options.

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If it’s a wedding you’re looking for, check out our weddings page.

TENT Catalouge

Red and White Marquee Ranges

Looking up inside a circus tent

Strawberries and Cream Range

Strawberries & Cream modular range goes from 12m round to 12 x 34.5m oval (113 sq. m to 383 sq.m), table seating up to circa 450 and standing up to circa 750 – 1000 pending event circumstances.
It’s our most popular wedding marquee.

Single Cream

Single Cream is a 12m round red and white striped marquee. (113 sq.m)

View details

Double Cream

Double Cream is a 12m x 16.5m oval red and white candy-striped marquee. (167 sq.m)

View details

Triple Cream

Triple Cream is a 12m x 21m oval red and white circus style marquee. (221 sq.m)

View details

Clotted Cream

Clotted Cream is a 12m x 25.5m oval red and white circus tent marquee. (275 sq.m)

View details

Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a 12m x 30m oval red and white striped circus style marquee. (329 sq.m)

View details

Squirty Cream

Squirty Cream is a 12m x 34.5m oval red and white circus style marquee tent. (383 sq.m)

View details

Candy Range

Candy striped mini circus marquees; Baby BigTops.

Such was the popularity of our red and white big tops that we decided to invest in mini big-tops!
We now stock a whole range of unique candy striped mini circus marquees that are available for hire as stand-alone or are a very popular add on as part of a bigger package for cloakrooms, green rooms, chill out spaces etc.

Mini Candy

The Mini Candy's are from 2.5m up to 6m diameter small red and white round tents.

View details


Candy is a 9m diameter round candy-striped baby big top of 64 sq.m.

View details

Candy Bar

Candy Bar is a modular red and white marquee from 9m round to 9m x 20m oval.

View details

Awesome Intimate Party Venues

The great thing about Candy as a 9m round is that you have all the excitement of the big top atmosphere but it is at a much easier size for smaller gardens. You can still fit a 4x4m dance floor in there with space for a DJ and some creative seating. This gives you a lovely venue for your garden party marquee suitable for a party of 40 or 50 people.

 As seen below in Rock, Cornwall.  You can fit a lot in!

Inside a smaller circus tent

Do you need additional structures to compliment your main venue?

We have our Candy range of round available in a range of different sizes. They make great additional structures next to your main venue.

These work really nicely as pod-tent add-ons creating a perfect extra small space outside the main marquee or linked to the side of the tent.

These candy striped mini circus marquees are the perfect baby big top experience!

Champagne tents, parties, pop-up bars,  ticket booths, cloak rooms, kids corner, Photo Booth, smoking shelter, mini shows, cocktail bars, food vendors, interesting market stalls.

6x6m Pagoda Marquee

No nonsense on the naming of this tent; the 6x6 is a rather large 6m x 6m pagoda. Built by Roder who are German tent manufacturers. It is extremely strong and looks fantastic as an entrance porch to one of our bigger structures.

Red Rock

Our solid as a rock 6m x 6m colourful pagoda style marquee for hire.

View details

Easy-Up Gazebos

These are useful for when an event needs lots of smaller side stalls. We’ve installed them as coconut shy and fairground side stalls at Oxford University. They’ve also been used as emergency weather cover for outdoor markets.


Professional Easy-up gazebos and mini marquees for hire and rental at events.

View details
Download our brochure

For detailed explanation of all the different prices and capacities download our brochure

Bigtopmania marquee  hire price list Brochure front page.

Do you want to add colour to your event?

Add instant atmosphere with these bright colourful marquees that will create instant excitement for your guests.

Whether it is a festival, a corporate event or a corporate festival, the colour and wow factor of our big tops does wonders for holding a successful event that people want to talk about. 

We can even make it very British and patriotic, with a red, white and blue colour scheme: Union Jack bunting; Red and White Bunting; St George flag-poles; red, white and blue ratchet straps; blue drapes and colourful lanterns.

A beautiful wedding table setup inside a circus tent
A childrens circus performance

We work with performers that can offer multiple routines and therefore give you a varied show. Everyone pitches in with set and dismantling of the tent though sometimes depending on the schedule a separate team will be required.

Event Inspiration

Check out what we did for Channel 4’s Super-Vet Christmas Party.

A car infront of a circus tent

You could check out this amazing children’s circus party we’ve done for ideas and inspiration.

A clown performance

Our other tent ranges

Illustration of a  red and yellow circus tent

Red and Yellow Tents

Red and Yellow big tops and striped circus tent style marquees for hire

View range
Illustration of red circus tent

Red Tents

Built Spring 2015,  as a result of our circus shows at Wellington Country Park being too well attended. A rise in demand led to a need for a bigger tent.

View range
Illustration of a wedding marquee

Canvas Tents

Traditional petal pole tents with a unique contemporary style.

View range
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