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Circus Entertainment

What kind of circus entertainment does your event need? Let’s make your event standout!

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Circus entertainment takes many shapes and forms. Event planners are always looking for the next big thing and to give their clients something new and unexpected. The traditional skills of circus shows blended with modern technique and classic costumes are a timeless offering to celebrations of all kinds. Events come in all shapes and forms and circus entertainment offers a versatile and tried and tested method of both drawing and engaging a crowd or enhancing the atmosphere of an event.

Out of this world

This is a fantastic extravaganza of traditional and innovative circus values! The acrobats were out of this world and audience participation was gentle and fun! Please do catch this talented group as soon as you can as they are quite remarkable!

Daniel Smith

Professional and Engaging

Great team, very professional and totally engaging with parents and children alike - would recommend to anyone for their next event.

Andrew Jarvis

Highlight of our weekend

You were the highlight of the weekend for our girls, thank you!

Tracy Smith

The entertainment can take the form of atmospheric performances which is often referred to as roaming acts or walkabout entertainment. In other circumstances the entertainers are booked to perform as a focal point stage performance, that holds your guests attention for an amount of time.

Bigtopmania has been a trusted provider of circus shows and entertainment for the last 30 years. Consistently we have been booked to entertain the crowds at a wide range of events around the UK.

You will often find our artists providing the live element to extra special circus theme private parties or putting on a rip roaring circus show during the reception of a festival wedding.
What kind of circus shows do you require? Bespoke, Vintage, Family, Traditional, Cirque?

Authentic Greatest Showman Circus Artists

Circus or cirque has become a popular theme around the world thanks to the catastrophic success of films like The Greatest Showman and before that with mainstream pop acts like Take That and Britney Spears. In our own locale we have Giffords Circus touring and creating a whole generation of circus enthusiasts that have been exposed to some of the finest traditional circus they could possibly wish for. As a result of all these factors we have noticed a trend in many people wanting circus parties or Greatest Showman themed events.

We are perfectly placed as a company that dances between being a circus show company and a big top hire company, so we have benefited by being able to provide everything that event planners or party hosts might wish to have when it comes to throwing a sublime circus event.

A tall butterfly dressed performer
Lucas performing a circus act

As well as being circus performers ourselves, we have a base in Bristol where we are well connected to a whole network of professional circus performers so we can comfortably supply a variety of different performers to cater to all budgets and themes.

Beyond just your run of the mill stilt walkers, why not hire the beautiful butterfly stilt walking costumes. Raise the standards of your event with our fantastic Ethiopian circus star Jony, who literally front flips of a free standing ladder as a finale to his wonderful walking ladder act.  

We aim to provide jaw dropping instagram moments for your guests to capture and share with their networks. Your event will be talked about for all the right reasons when you book your entertainment from Bigtopmania.

Complimenting our regular circus entertainers we can also provide the best strolling magicians to cater to your table entertainment requirements. We’ve worked with world champion pole artists to provide eye popping skills of strength and flexibility.

You can book aerial performers to perform in our big tops or we can provide a freestanding trapeze rig for trapeze artists and aerial hoop performers to wow your guests on.

For some past inspiration to get your creative thoughts going, we’ve rigged a tightrope over a water feature at a clients house and the tightrope walker played the violin whilst the guests looked on. Elements like this are completely bespoke to each event but that is all part of the fun of creating your events and why we love providing circus entertainment to you.

Performing a circus act
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