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Graham & Paul

an outdoor garden marquee wedding breakfast

A real wedding case study for when we travel the country to provide amazing weddings!

We often take the opportunity to travel the country to provide our services from our bases in Bristol and Devon and this case study is no exception.

Graham and Paul live in the country-side in Cheshire and contacted us requiring a colourful, fun wedding party in their garden for their friends and relatives.

Now, having our own family links with the area, I always try to get to Cheshire. My recent family origins from Wallasey and Liverpool and my wife’s family are in Shropshire so we love going there. Previously to this job, we were very nearby with film work again for the Liverpool based Lime Pictures. Historical side note too; I‘m told that my great grandfather had something to do with the wonderful Eastgate Clock bridge in central Chester high street; I'm told he helped build the fancy cast-iron works and I always think of that when walking the lovely central Chester streets.

Back to the wedding. You may notice that this installation also shows how we are able to build the tents over things like small trees, fountains etc and this case lots of huge stone boulders! These were a magnificent result of garden landscaping and they looked amazing; I would kill for a stone circle or similar in the garden...authentic or not! We do have to be careful with structures and try to cover them during install so that they, nor the tent fabrics, get damaged and there are limits, eg only small trees and not really over sharp objects. Please don’t ask us to to install a tent over a huge tree!

For this wedding, we used the popular 3 pole Triple Cream version of the Strawberry and Cream tent range and installed a red carpet, carefully cutting around all the boulders, party lighting with a batch of new disco balls, a stage and decorations as well as the red carpet entrance and outdoor festoons. Other things like the bar, generator and furniture, came locally as that is often the best way for events at a distance from our bases.

A very informal celebration occurred with plenty of food, drinks, live music and drag queen entertainment was provided.  What a great idea to get an ice cream van! Everyone loves a treat!

The wedding was in April 2017 and the weather worked perfectly for a change! 

Wedding Photography here is a couple of my own snap-shots taken during the installation as I really had to store the boulder images and professional ones are ©AndyKelvin-KelvinMedia.

Thank you for inviting us Graham and Paul. Hope you are doing well!  

Wedding planning hint;

we are able to travel to provide our services and have been to Scotland, Ireland and all the far reaches of the country for weddings and events. We had a job in the South of France in 2020 but cancelled due to covid and have taken a tent to Madrid.   It takes more planning though and has to fit in with our hectic schedule or during the low season and so is not always possible. We often try to do these jobs as “busman's holidays“ and stay in the area. Due to limits on weights in vans or lorries we can only bring so much, so collaboration with local suppliers is often helpful.

If you want us to come to you and you are a long way from our bases, it‘s best to start chatting as soon as possible!

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