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Hire a Circus Show Here!

Bespoke, contemporary cirque or velvety vintage circus shows to delight your audience, with or without our big-top.

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Children watching a circus actPerforming a circus act

We all want to see lots of smiling faces, people enjoying themselves and sharing an experience together, it’s why we started performing in the circus in the first place. The instant feedback from the audience is something that you can’t replicate.

Perhaps you are an event organiser trying to provide entertainment to encourage visitors to stick around at your event for a longer time? Maybe you need an exciting draw to pull new visitors to your centre. You know what draws a crowd better than anything? A big top! Instantly recognisable as a family favourite and sparking curiosity. Your guests have an hour full of laughter, wows and joy and share in a live experience with their kids.

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Bigtopmania is one of the few companies to offer a self-contained, fun-filled and friendly circus that is specialised for events rather than as a touring show. You give us a flat grass area and a power-supply and we will take care of the rest. The feedback we get is that audiences enjoy being up close to the action. The performers are not on a raised stage and we are right there in front of you on the ring-mat. Interacting in a human way with the audience members. Sometimes our jugglers drop, they enjoy a joke with the audience and show their human side which we think makes us a special company to watch.

Do you need to book a circus show for your event?

Perhaps not the most common of questions but it is an enquiry that we are used to. Hiring a circus is a spectacular way to draw a crowd and create a focal point for your next event.

We generally do not tour nor hire a “set circus show” but create circus events suitable for YOUR requirements.

Your requirements tend to vary based on the footfall of your event and the budget allocated to the circus show. As a result the show can vary in terms of number of performers and size of tent or number of shows.

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We work with performers that can offer multiple routines and therefore give you a varied show. Everyone pitches in with set and dismantling of the tent though sometimes depending on the schedule a separate team will be required.

If we hire you a circus show or cabaret in one of our Big Tops we can accommodate up to 360 in the audience depending on the seating and staging arrangements. More comfortable is a target audience of 200-300.

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More often than not we provide a whole circus and play area that is focussed on continual entertainment rather than just the scheduled circus shows. So whilst the colourful circus tent might be the visual draw of the event. It will have circus workshops being taught outside of the tent to keep audiences continually engaged.

Special and Unique

"...I couldn't recommend Big Top Mania highly enough. They put a lot of effort into their acts making them special and unique for each event. They have a great energy and people always go away smiling…"

Bristol Volksfest

Laughs for all ages

A troupe of larger than life characters that are as great to work with off the stage as they are entertaining on it... Providing big laughs for all ages, they combine feats of skill with slapstick japes…

RHS Wisley

Memorable Performances

Bigtopmania were a delight to deal with leading up to the event and made their recommendations based on our brief... They gave a couple of the most memorable performances capturing and interacting with the audience. Lots of fun and very very entertaining...

RHS Wisley

Watch our circus show in action

Why might you want a self-contained circus show?

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Festivals and Events

All manner of events get in touch over the years and unfortunately there are only so many weekends in a year. We have performed our circus shows at RHS gardens for several years recently as part of a summer celebration event. For the last 12 years we have performed Easter Circus shows at Wellington Country Park to packed audiences. The show became so popular we had to invest in a bigger tent!

Scout festivals have booked circus shows with additional activities as part of flagship events. Numerous companies have booked us with specific event visions. Usually this revolves around the circus show as the inspiration, followed by interactive circus workshops and perhaps even a talent show to end the day with group performances from company employees. All elements are interchangeable and there’s lots of communication in the lead up to each event between ourselves and the company involved.

Family festivals are constantly on the rise and we are often the chosen company to bring the perfect balance of high skilled circus that’s pitched just right to engage all ages.

Festival Children's Areas
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Circus Parties

Circus theme parties are a speciality of ours, they will always feature Pete or Lucas of Bigtopmania and depending on the numbers and budget might feature any number of artists and crazy fun activities to create quite honestly the most impressive children’s party you would wish for.

If you’re an adult getting in touch about your own party, then you’re in the right place. We help you create authentic circus parties that will knock the socks off your guests and give you memories to last a lifetime.

VIEW CIRCUS PARTIESIllustration of Pete in clown attire

If you like the look of what you see


The booking process

If you like what you have seen and read, before you get in touch, have a think about what it is you are trying to achieve.

How many shows do you want? Do you have an idea of event footfall? What size audiences are you hoping for? Maybe you have a budget in mind? What about the theme?  

Would you like a velvet-filled theatrical, vintage circus or something more Cirque and contemporary? What about booking Burlesque circus, alternative circus or a freak-show? 'The Greatest Showman', like 'Barnum and Bailey', 'The Greatest Show on Earth' or 'Dumbo' have been a very popular circus themes recently. (Note; we don't really approve of Hollywood's Scare-clowns! Very damaging to the proper clowning world! Clowns are cool! )

We try as much as possible to avoid ticketed circus shows. We prefer our circus shows to be a free attraction that is built into the cost of entry to the event. That way you ensure full crowds and it just creates an all round much nicer atmosphere. Sometimes the audience is paying for the show with their ticket to the event so your budget is covered. Being able to advertise a free circus show is a big draw and they feel like they are getting really good added value from you, which gives everyone a better outcome.

So drop us an email with as much detail as possible and let’s see what we can do to make your next event be the most memorable one yet!

How can we be of service?

We love creating new partnerships that often last for years and years!

Please fill in some details as best you can and we will respond to you ASAP with some bespoke ideas!
We will respect your privacy of course and we know many folk hate these forms! 
So, if you prefer, or need an instant conversation, please feel free to call or email directly instead.

Many thanks.

Pete, Lucas and the Bigtopmania team.

Would you like to find out more? Enquire below.

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