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Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Abbie & Kieran

a "Wed-Fest" where giant LOVE letters are delivered at this beautiful festival wedding

A real wedding case study from Bigtopmania.

LOVE FEST! A pretty darned good festival-theme wed-fest! 

Abbie and Kieran (Kaj) got married on a friend's land near Stevenage, Hertfordshire in July 2018.

When we arrived at the location some guests were already encamped on the field and were busy painting the amazing LOVE letters you can see and having a fair degree of camping fun! They also got involved with pallet furniture, bunting making and rustic bar building.

This is a good wedding planning hint;

although you can hire lots from prop houses or buy from Etsy or E-bay, you can build your own props, seats or bars, paint your own signs, sew your own bunting, easily get artistic and do a lot of the event decorations yourself! 

Plus you can extend the wedding holiday and enjoy more family and friends time as to be fair you don't get than much interactive time if you are just there on the day. You can see that with more time and a group of friends available before-hand you can achieve a lot! 

We set up the colourful wedding-reception marquee with lighting, dance-floor and stage as well as decorating with our gorgeously theatrical velvet swags. We put a catering tent to the rear and a couple of front of house pod tents for use as bar and chill. The mingling area was made ready or the evening by using our over-head festoon lights hung high on giant shepherd crooks. We also supplied a large bell tent for the bridal couple but not sure if they got the time to use it! 

Furniture, loos and generator were booked locally which is very common and a good solution for our long-distance events as we simply can't bring it all!

Kaj is a musician so, of course you have to have bands playing at your festival wedding! 

Finally...another hint! You can see that the summer was hot and the ground dry; this makes driving on and off fields so much easier; avoid water-logged, boggy locations! 

The amazing vibrant photos were captured by photographer Paul @paul_badmonday on Instagram.

Hope you are well Abbie and Kieran and thanks for having us!

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