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Scoopy Do

9x15m white canvas Petal wedding marquee.



  • "Scoopy Do" is a 9x15m or 30x50ft Petal Marquee.
  • Petal Marquees are a contemporary twist on quintessentially British traditional canvas marquees used for decades at events.
  • The ground space required is 14x19m flat ground.
  • You can seat 130 at round tables or 150 at trestle tables though this capacity would vary considerably if you have a bar or dance-floor, milling area. A more realistic number for wedding guests would be 80-100 people.
  • Popular for garden parties, food festivals, sustainable events, weddings, bar tents and any and every outdoor event where a lovely marquee is required.
  • The standing capacity is 270 max at 2 per sq/m
  • The walls are white and panoramic windows.
  • Flooring is usually in "Dandy Dura" natural fleck, or coconut matting.

Have a peek at a real wedding in this 9x15m petal marquee.

Tech Specs

Seated Capacity:
Standing Capacity:
Wall Height:
Height at Peak:
Internal Space:



Guide Prices


£2200 + VAT without matting

£2740 + VAT with matting

Please contact us for prices

Illustration of a wedding marquee

Need a bigger Marquee?

We also have canvas "Petal Marquees" which are up to 9 x 27m

Strawberries and Cream Marquee Specifications.

Marquee manufactured in England by a MUTA member company.  

Marquee Design:Tensioned Pole Tent with ergonomically shaped curved roof.

Marquee Manufacture: Made in the UK, near London  by a MUTA member company, to BS EN 13782:2015 and fully compatible with all requirements.

Marquee Components: Pvc fabrics, 7m high Aluminium round king poles, (No ridge bars).  2.1m high Wooden side poles, Ratchet strap side lines ( white, red or blue).  Wire and rope main guy lines and 1m and 1.2m steel stakes.

Current stock is 3 sets of round ends and 5 mid-sections. 7 king-poles (+ 2 possible others) so multiple variations possible at once.

Marquee Sizes:12m round to oval 12 x 16.5m, 12 x 21m, 12 x 25.5m,  12 x 30m and 12 x 34.5m. (Internally 113 sq.m to 383 sq. m).

Plus we can link tents up with guttering to create bigger spaces.

Minimum 2m extra space all the way around the dimension of the tent for anchorage.

Marquee Capacities:variable pending circumstances , comfort factors, other items in tents, access and egress  and safety allowances.  Usual rates are 1 person 0.5 sq.m standing / 1person per 1 to 1.5 sq.m  table seating and up to 3 persons per sq.m standing. Suggested up to 450+ seated at tables and 750 -1000 standing.

Marquee Walls: 7ft/2.1m height, available in red, white or panoramic windows.  1.6m between wooden side poles on round ends,1.13m between side poles on mid sections. Walls can be opened up at various locations.  Tents are generally installed with full walling and openings are subject to weather conditions.

Marquee Uses: Circus, Party, Weddings, Festivals, Events, Stalls, Catering, Theatre, Venue , dinner dance, universities and colleges. As a little circus tent!  Modular sizes of Circus Tent Hire! 

Marquee Extras:Porches, flooring, dance floor, heating, lighting, electrics, furniture, styling, decor, matching tents. etc.

Please supply your own champagne to go with the strawberries and cream!

Petal Marquee Specifications

Marquee Name: The "Scoopy" range of "Petal" pole-marquees for hire mainly for weddings.

Marquee Sizes: 9m (81sq. m) square or rectangular 9 x 15m (135 sq. m) and  9 x 21m (189 sq. m) and big 9 x 27m (245 sq.m)  plus 2m perimeter extra space for anchorage.

Marquee Capacities: variable pending circumstances and safety allowances.

Marquee Walls: 7 ft/2.1m height a combination of white/ cream canvas and panoramic window.

Marquee Uses: Eco-alternative for the white wedding venue, vintage themed events, garden parties, medieval theme. Fitting the bill for green sustainable, eco-weddings.

Marquee Extras: Flooring, Porch, dance floor, heating, lighting, electrics, furniture, styling, decor, matching tents in the form of tea rose marquees which are available as 3 x 3m or 6 x 4m perfect for cloak rooms, catering, games etc.

Marquee Design: Contemporary styled tensioned Traditional Pole Tent with ergonomically shaped curved roof.

Marquee Manufacture: Made in the UK, near London  to Bs EN 13782:2015.

Marquee Components: Canvas fabrics, 6m high wooden round king poles, (No ridge bars!)  2.1m wooden side poles, ropes and block & tackle side lines. Rope main guy lines and 1m steel stakes.

Candy Marquee Specifications

Marquee Design: Traditional style Pole Tent with ergonomically shaped curved roof.

Various sizes of candy striped mini circus marquee are available

Marquee Manufacture:  Made in the UK, nearBristol,  to BS EN 13782:2015.

Marquee Components: Pvc fabrics, Wooden round king poles at various heights, ( No ridgepoles).  2.1m height Wooden side poles, rope and ratchet strap side lines. Rope main guy lines and 1m steel stakes.

Marquee Sizes:2.5m round to oval 8.6 x 19.8m.  Extra space for anchorage. ( 5 sq. m to 150 sq. m)

Marquee Capacities:variable pending circumstances and safety allowances.

Marquee Walls:7 ft/2.1m height available in solid red, solid white, red and white candy stripes or panoramic window.

Marquee Uses: Circus, Party, Wedding, Event, Stalls, Catering, Theatre, Venue, dressing rooms, bars, festival marquees etc.

MarqueeExtras: Porches, flooring, dance floor, heating, lighting, electrics, furniture, styling, decor, matching tents etc.

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