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Floor Plan and layout Details

with some suggested and many more options.



In planning it is always essential to consider fire routes and means of escape. Capacities vary according to infrastructure and projected use.
These are just a few examples

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we have lots more proper tent plans and full documents.

These are some sample suggested layouts.. open to changes!

You can do your own professional table layouts for your wedding or party at professional marquee layouts

We can email you PDF's or jpegs of all these plus fire certificates, risk assessments, insurances etc



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Baby big Top hire
No 1 tent as Baby Top floor plan 35ft / 11m dia PDF file

Big Top  hire Floor Plan
No 1 tent as Big Top 17x 15m 55x 50 ft floor plan PDF file

big top hire cross section
No 1 tent Big top 17 x 15m cross section.

Nb; this is our only tent that we can do aerial/ trapeze acts in directly using the steel structure.

bigtopmania, circus 12m tent layout plan
No2 tent as 12m dia. Red and Yellow

12 x 18m big top rental floor plan
No 2 tent as Big Top 12 x 17.5m

12 x 23m  circus party marquee layout
No2 tent as 12 x 23m, 3 pole marquee

12 x 29m perty marquee hire layout
No2 tent as 12 x 29m 4 pole tent.

catering tent 6x12m floor plan
No3 tent 6 x 12m red and yellow

12m red and white striped marquee layout
No4 tent as 12m round

red and white, nb; 23ft king pole..

12m stripy tent rental various length floor plan
No 4 in 3 versions .red and white.

traditional canvas vintage marquees
No6 tent Traditional Vintage canvas marquees

Vintage Canvas Marquee Floor Plan
No 8 , Scoopy Range Tent Plan , Showing 9 x 21m
which then incorporates 9x9m and 9x15m versions

tent with dj booth added on
NO 1 as Baby 11m /35ft top with extra Booth

big top with linked extension marquee
NO2 Big top with extra marquee

Party planning tent layout
NO2 Big top party plan

circus theatre show layout
NO 2 Big top show layout

Bigtopmania Marquee Walls;

All our walls are 7ft , 2.1m high. except on tent no8 where they are 8ft tall .

They can be normally opened at approx 4m (4 stripes) intervals.
Normally by folding back on themselves and re-hooking up, ready to be closed again at end of day.

With due regards to weather conditions and security the walls can be removed and stored.

They can be interchangeable so you can put colourful walls, where white ones normally are. You can sometimes have canvas walls instead of pvc.

Bigtopmania have red walls, white walls, window walls, red and yellow walls.

We have various sets of Porches

creating entrance roofs for the tents.

We can re-arrange stakes and guy ropes to create entrances for clearer access and egress/ safety!

We can add porches/ walkways.

We can create red carpet entrances!

We have sets of panoramic clear pvc window walls to maintain that special view.

(in red or white pvc and in white canvas)

We have 4 sets of fire exit doors made to current regulations. in red and yellow and in red.)

This is particularly important for public venues with all walls in place.

We can link tents together or add other tent styles into the mix.


Bigtopmania Marquee Equipment

We have various additional including; Lighting/ flooring/ electrics/ heating/ furniture/ styling.

This is all detailed on our price list.

We continuously increase the stock range.

Bigtopmania can plan your big top, circus tent, marquee floor plans, party layouts for you.