Unique and Luxury Ranges of Temporary Structures & Charming Circus Shows.

Vintage Tents, Medieval Tents, Small Striped Tents &
Baby Big Top Specialist with Colourful Stripy Garden Party Tent Hire!
Alternative Tent Hire, Different and Unusual Festival Tents for Rent.
White Canvas Traditional and Contemporary Stylish Wedding tents
and a Lovely Round Widescreen White Marquee too!

Alternative Wedding Festival Marquees!


Big Top hire, circus tent hire,marquee Hire

Bigtopmania big top hire, marquee hire
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Big Top hire, Circus Tent, Party tent and Marquee hire for ev

ents and in use for party rentals and circus shows.

Some images below are of the old tents.. New ones are the shinier!
We can Email you more pic's.
We have some smashing pic's of recent parties and shows which show many different set ups and party themeing ideas, many of which are laded up on to our Facebook Photo Album Pages and on You Tube

Festival and Event
Children's Entertainment
and Play Areas Created.
Children's Activities Organised.


Our work helps win Festival Awards!

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Bigtopmania's Colourful Circus Tents:
Marquee, Party Tent and Big Top Hire Prices, Types & Use Information.

We hire marquees and colourful striped party tents to events and clients nationwide.
We get new stock regularly and our kit list is ever expanding.

2016 dates now available.

Recent New kit;

15m or 15 x 21m Big top for our circus shows built 2015

9m rising to 9 x 20m red and white oval built 2015

7 x brand new 3 x 3m red and white mini-marquees for hire as stalls and side shows.

New extension for No 4 making possible a massive 6 pole 12 x 34.5m (383 sq.m) red and white candy striped tent

Round Stripy small Pod tents for the Candy Range.2.5, 3.5, 4m, 5m and 6m diameter tents to match the Strawberry and Cream range for use as chill outs/ champagne reception/ children's/ catering etc

100m more connectable led festoon lighting. (We now have approx 500m of it available plus lots more lighting styles)

New systems of 230v professional fairy lights.. 100 and 100s of metres!

A complete new No 8 contemporary canvas wedding marquee; "Scoopy Do " Range.

New range of Luxury "Colonial" style Canvas picnic and champagne tents.

New Bell tents for sleep overs.

Venue dressing with more fabrics and styles for the sewing machines.




Marquee Hire
Health and Safety

Marquee Prices

Marquee Tent Plans

Circus Shows




Site Map


Marquees Flyer 2015.



Marquee Hire
Health and Safety.

Are we competent?
Will it be safe?

We may be a small company
but, even so,
there is no room for compromise.

Our Marquees are built to
European and British Standards
BS EN 13782:2005.

Tent installations follow
these rules plus,

we aim to follow HSE approved,
Industry Standard Guidance
as prepared by
The Institute of Structual Engineers

Temporary Demountable Structures,

Marquee supplier Trade Organisation
Trade Organisation,
specialising in
Safe Marquee Rental
(Marquee Rental Safety Guidance)
in all operations.

For you, the client,
a trade body
provides a VERY useful guide with marquee hire tips found here
Marquee Safety Advice download

We strongly advise clients to read it if unsure in any way.

Safety Passport Training
stage safe safety training
our main team are now registered with the
Safety Passport Alliance

We regularly update, continuously check things, have good records and reviews and send you many documents in advance.

See below in centre page for more details on health and safety and safe use of marquees.


Our Big Top hire and Marquee Hire company is listed with;

tent rental guide
a Marquee and event equipment listings directory,

marquee hiring  information
a regional marquee company listing site,

tent rental trade  directory
a marquee Trade directory,

Marquee rental in devon and cornwall
Marquee rental companies Network, 

tiger local marquee rental
Tiger Local;
local Marquee Rental listings

Our Marquees;

No1 as "Dot"
bigtopmania Circus show hire
No1; as 11m dia. Round

No1 as "Dorothy"
Circus Tent rental
No1; as 15 x17m Oval Big Top

No2 as "Rhubarb and Custard"
colourful Round tent
No2; as 12m dia. Round tent

No2 as "Double Dollop"
colourful pole marquee
No2; as 12 x 17.5m, oval

No2 as "Mr. Big"
red and yellow big top pole marquee
No2; as 12 x 23m oval tent

inside big top
inside No2; 12 x 23m

No2 as "King Size"
colourful red and yellow traditonal pole marquee
No2; as 12 x 29m 4 pole marquee

No3 as "Long and Shorty"

6x12m rectangular colourful marquee

red and yellow stripey marquee
No3; as 6 x 12m 2 pole marquee

No4 as "Single Cream"
red and white baby big top
No 4; as 12m round

No4 as "Double Cream"
red and white striped party marquee
No4; as 12 x 16.5m oval tent

No4 as "Triple Cream"

No4; as 12 x 21m marquee

No4 as "Clotted Cream".

inside large red and white marquee
large candy striped red and white marquee

No 5 "Candy Range"
4,5,6 and 9m dia
catering tent hire
round side show tents

striped tent
No5 Round 9.5m tent

red and white candy striped party marquee
round tent
round marquee

No 8
Canvas & Stylish "Scoopy"
see pics to left and detail here vintage weddings
luxury canvas marquee

more pics...
 alternative wedding tent
wedding or dinner party tent

netley Marsh Steam Rally
Circus show Netley Marsh Steam Rally 2004, 2005

Garden Party big top tent hire devon,london, cornwall

No1 Garden Party Tent

Hand painted sign-writing by W.E.T.Panit

marquee lighting rig
sample marquee lighting

Trapeze Acts Aerial Artists
Aerial & Trapeze Acts
in No1 Big Top

marquee snow loading
No2; Winter tent

Festival cabaret stage
No1 Circus tent hire

Boxmoor Trust Conker Championships Festival

croissant neuf summer party

Fieldview festival
Festival Tent Villages!

corporate entertainment venue
Public or private shows

event hire equipment, bench seating
simple bench seating

 tables and chairs hire devon cornwall
tables and chair rental

event equipment fold up chair hire
fold up seating

wild circus animals
Deer close to tent
Our marquee hire and big top party tents are
very suitable
for Parties
and different
Wedding Celebrations.

The Bigtopmania Family
in KidZone Costumes!
Big Top Marquee and vintage tents rentals specialists for festivals and events
the Kidzone family

Packed Circus tent
children's entertainment side show.
Children's show audience

Vintage tents used for childrens entertainment, arts and crafts side show
arts and crafts tent

Big Top Party Tent
Sussex University
Fresher's Ball
Big-Tops used at student ball
Event lighting hire

Children's Circus Show
Ambient Picnic 2003
Children's theatre show in tent
Inside the tent

Traditional Marquee hire
Circus skills workshop
Traditional Marquee used for Circus Skills Workshop corporate entertainment
Marquee for circus skills workshop

Kidzone, Children's areas for festivals and events
Children's Areas

Circus World
A range of activities, paraphernalia, tuition workshops and entertainment covering aspects of The Circus.
We can provide everything from solo artists and acts to full-on Circus Shows.

Helping Festivals Win Awards!
Children's Areas
We arrange and coordinate large or small-scale colourful children's entertainment areas with full programs or performances, play and creative activity.

As regularly featured at Guilfest, Bestival, Camp Bestival, Common People, Lets Rock, Penn Fest, Kingston Green Fair, Croissant Neuf Summer Party, Ragged Hedge Fair, Fruitstock, Tadley Treacle Fair, The Ambient Picnic and many many more. Brochure available upon request.
We help win Festival Awards and get excellent reviews!


Big Top Hire, Circus Tent, Party Tent,
Striped Tents and Marquee hire for all occasions.

Cost Effective Weather Protection & Event Insurance.
Come Rain or Shine. The Show can go on!
Ideal for;
Intimate Venues - Circus - KidZone's Children's Areas
Festival Arenas - Live Music & Dj Venues-Theme Parties
Weddings & Celebrations - Partying - Chillouts - Food or Beer Tent
Stalls -Displays - Circus Skills Workshops - Arts and Crafts
Activity Sessions - Artistic Decor - Colourful Areas
Our big tops and party tents have hosted a vast range of artists!

Marquee Hire Videos.

Slide show videos of marquees in use.

Want to see some recent events in our tents?
You-Tube videos here, with thanks to up-loaders.

St. Catz Ball 2011. Oxford University

ST Catz, University Ball Main Stage Venue

OST performing at Fieldview NYE 2011 party

Community Church Event In Exeter Feb. 2011

How to set up a marquee

Want to know how we do the hard work?

View a Big Top being set-up, funny time-lapse video.

Create a "Village Green Circus" or Mini Tent Village!

Marquee walls can be opened up depending on requirements and circumstances and we have fire exit doors and panoramic window walls.

Grass, gravel surface required due to stakes and guy-lines system.
We don't do concrete/tarmac drilling.

We have various porches and foyers for all tents.

Big Top and Marquee Hire List;

Our range of existing marquee stock used for hires and shows;

Oval Tents;

Circus Tent No1
name; "DOROTHY"

Oval shape with extra bits!
17 x 11m
plus extra foyers/stage extensions stretching the over-all depth to
total 17 x 15m,
20 x 5 ft. / 6 x 2 m at front
20 x 10 ft. / 6 x 4 m at rear
Area 1962 sq. ft. / 181 sq.m
Capacity up to 360. (at 0.5sqm each). At tables approx 150.
Twin steel lattice/truss King Poles. Ridge Bar suitable for Aerial Acts.
Made in UK .
Circus Tent no1;
as a 15 x 21m diameter
name; "Ruby Rouge"

Our widest, strongest and tallest.
oval, in RED PVC.
with taller 8ft walls. Either cream or red.
Area 2863sq. ft. / 266 sq.m,
Capacity up to 532. (at 0.5sqm each). At tables 200-250
Double Aluminum King Pole. Made in UK. Good for aerial.
pics on blog.

Circus Tent No2;
as a 12 x 17.5m

red and yellow pvc cover and walls
Area 182sqm. Capacity up to 364
Aluminum king poles and ridge, NOT suitable aerial acts.

Circus tent No2;
as a 12 x 23m
name; "MR BIG"

an extension for the 12m x 17.5m tent making a
12m x 23m (40 x 80 ft.) 3 pole tent,
max capacity 500 standing, 250 seated at tables.(250sqm internal)
and can be extended further using frame tents!!
Picture above right; Watch it being set up here;
big top set-up, funny time-lapse video.

Circus tent No2
as a 12 x 28.5m,
name; "KING SIZE"

an extension for the 12m x 23m tent making a
12m x 29m (40 x 100 ft.) 4 pole tent,
max capacity 630 standing, 310 seated at tables.(315sqm internal)
and can be extended further using frame tents!

12x29m KING SIZE marquee

Circus tent No2
as a 12 x 34m,
name; "Emperor"

an extension for the 12m x 29m tent making a
12m x 34.5m (40 x 120 ft.) 4 pole tent,

Circus Tent No4
as a 12 x 16.5m oval.

12m x 16.5m (40 x 55 ft.) 2 pole tent,
max capacity 340 standing, 160 seated at tables.(170sqm internal)
and can be extended further using frame tents.

red and white party tent in derbyshire

red and white candy striped big top

inside red and white oval big top party tent with disco lights

trestle table seating layout in marquee

Circus Tent No4
as a 12 x 21m 3 pole tent.

12m x 21.5m (40 x 70 ft.) 3 pole tent,
max capacity 450 standing, 250 seated at tables.(225sqm internal)
and can be extended further using frame tents!

red and white stripey marquee

red and white marquee

Tent No4
as 12 x 25.5m 4 pole tent

max capacity 560 standing (279sqm) 250-280 seated.
Further Extensions can be added + front and rear.

large red and white marquee
Tent No4
as 12 x 30m 5 pole tent

max capacity 660 standing (329 sq.m) 300-350 seated.
Further Extensions can be added + front and rear.

Tent No4
as 12 x 34.5m 5 pole tent

max capacity 776 standing (383 sq.m) 350-400 seated.
Further Extensions can be added + front and rear.
Pictures on blog


Round Tents;
Colourful Candy Striped & White Pole Tents and Marquees.

Baby Big Top Hire!

small Candy Range..4m, 5m and 6m diameter available
then.. getting bigger up to 9 x 20m.

Circus Tent no 5;
as a 9m diameter
name "CANDY"

Round, in red and white pvc.
Area 600 sq. ft. / 56 sq.m,
Capacity up to 110. (at 0.5sqm each) at tables approx 50
Single King Pole. Made in UK .

Circus Tent no1;
as a 11m diameter
name "DOT"

Round, in red and yellow pvc.
Area 962 sq. ft. / 88 sq.m,
Capacity up to 175. (at 0.5sqm each) at tables approx 60
Single King Pole. Made in UK .

Circus tent no2;
as a 12m diameter

Red and yellow walls (or solid red),
Area 1257 sq. ft. / 115 sq.m,
Capacity up to 230. (at 0.5sqm each), At tables 90- 100
Single Aluminum King Pole. Made in U.K.

Circus tent no4;
as a 12m diameter

Round, in RED AND WHITE PVC. Solid red walls
Area 1257 sq. ft. / 115 sq.m,
Capacity up to 230. (at 0.5sqm each). At tables 90- 100
Single Aluminum King Pole. Made in UK.

Round Circus Tent no1;
as a 15m diameter
name; "Ruby Rouge"

Round, in RED PVC.
taller 8ft red or cream walls.
Area 1895 sq. ft. / 176 sq.m,
Capacity up to 350. (at 0.5sqm each). At tables 150-170
Single Aluminum King Pole. Made in UK.


Rectangular and Square Tents;

Tent Range No3
as a 6 x 12m

red and yellow stripy marquee roof, plain red walls, rectangular marquee.

colourful striped tent for hire

Traditional White
Canvas Marquees;

Tent Range NO 8

Traditional Cream Canvas Petal Marquees.
Old School re-designed with Contemporary Styling.

name; "SCOOPY"
Contemporary/ Traditional / Vintage / Unique Canvas Wedding and Event Marquee.

see our medieval tent hire blog for lots of images.

9 x 9 m / 30 x 30 ft.

square 1 pole marquee (900sq. ft. / 81 sq.m) seating 80 at tables.
contemporary canvas wedding marquee

vintage canvas marquee hire

name; "SCOOPY DO"
9 x 15 m / 30 x 50 ft.
rectangular 2 pole marquee
(1500sq.ft. / 135 sq.m) seating 130 .

stylish wedding marquee

traditional canvas english wedding marquee

or as

9 x 21 m / 30 x 70 ft. rectangular 3 pole marquee
( 2100sq.ft. / 216 sq.m) seating 200+.
canvas wedding tent

vintage wedding marquee

Medieval style tent hire

3 x 3m red and white.. as in picture. Soft flowing canvas.
Super strong steel frame, no guy ropes needed.
Others as in big picture available to 8 week order.

medieval tent hire

medieval style tent hire uk

medieval tent for hire
free standing medieval style tent hire
medieval tent

Pagoda Hire. Chinese Hat Hire
Pinnacle Tension Tents Hire.

We have one 4x4m and one 5x5m (new May 2013) pagoda tents for hire.
They are modern stylish tension tents, They have window walls.
Free standing and no guy ropes needed.
We can get more at short notice and can be joined with special guttering to make a 5 x 10m tent.
They are equally good joined to the straight edge of our bigger tents;
e.g. as foyers/ catering tents/ bars or simply more seating room.

pagoda tent hire

chinese hat tent hire
Chinese hat style pagoda tents and tension tents for hire
in Devon and Cornwall and UK
tension tent hire

colourful pagoda tent hire

Colonial style canvas picnic and champagne tents.
Beautiful new range of UK manufactured cream canvas tents for luxury picnics. Launched at Nevil Holt Opera with their own collection that we are looking after and manufactured for them.
We do not hire out Nevil Holt's tents but they are so lovely we have our own for hire too.

3 x 3m picnic tent.

3x3m colonial style canvas picnic tent

Nevil Holt garden  OPera Picnic

program booth

4 x 6m Champagne tent

4 x 6m champagne bar tent


Glamping Bell tent hire.

we have

Cream Coloured 4m round.

bell tent hire devon

glamping tent hire devon

Sandy coloured Emperor 4 x 6m double room.

glamping bell tent hire cornwall

Rhubarb and Custard candy striped 4m round.

glamping bell tent hire devon

available with integral groundsheets, carpets, night light chandeliers, battery operated fairy lights etc. We can get other sizes too.



we have a stock of event standard professional 3 x 3m red and white gazebos/ mini marquees for hire.

they can be erected on grass or hard standing but obviously need bracing down with weights or stakes.

mini marqueesmini marquee rentals uk

stall hire uk

event gazebo hire uk

treat tent hire uk


Shade Areas.
Constructed safely with camouflage netting and strong poles ala Heath-Robinson style!
We find this very useful for under 5's, toddlers-spaces, activities or relaxing under in a cool breeze on summer's day.
Camouflage Netting
(army green or snow white)
Multi-Coloured Parachutes
Both make for ideal extensions to our other tents.
But cannot be used inside buildings/tents as they are not fire-proofed.

We also have a few
Gazebos for easy set ups.


Marquee hire Lights, Party Light hire
Event lighting - Electrics - Flooring - Heating

We have other useful Marquee Hire equipment and paraphernalia for colourful and creative areas,
Heaters, Silk Flags, Bunting, Sign Boards, Fencing, Green Plastic Garden Tables, 5ft round wooden tables, Tiered Seating, circus decor pieces,
Fold-up Event-Chairs and Coconut Matting and Carpets for seating,
Discounts available for packages and selected equipment often thrown in for free!

Typical Marquee Lighting and Electrical equipment hire.

From small powerful 150w to 2kw /230v and portable 12v Pa Systems
with top of the range Allen & Heath 10ch mix desk.
And a range of top quality Led and higher wattage clear white and coloured festoon lighting/ string lights and some colour spot Lighting.
A fairy light system for the marquee roof or garden and lots of additional electrical items too.
16, 32 and 63amp Distributor boards, correct cabling, sockets, Par Cans, Dimmers, Uplighters, Chandeliers, Glitter balls, Laser, smoke machine, etc etc


All electrical equipment is checked and Pat Tested for safety.
We follow the BS 7909 Guidance for Temporary Electrical Installations
and the B.S. 7671 IEE 17th Ed' Wiring Regs.

We create a variety of marquee hire lighting and party rental electrical systems to suit all budgets!


Safety is No1 priority.
Our main team of tent erectors are now registered with
the Safety Passport Scheme.

We always prepare Marquee hire Risk-Assessments & Site Plans.
We have :
Health and Safety Policy
Method Statements
Child Protection Policy
Fire Risk Assessment
Emergency Plan
Wind Load Statement
Rigging Calculation
Site Survey Documents
Sign Off sheets
In-use Monitoring Sheets and pre-use Check Lists.

We send all our clients most of these documents prior to the event.
Our tents are built by Pertexa/ PTA ( MUTA) member companies
and although we are not direct members, we do our utmost to follow National Guidelines
as set down by the Institute of Structural Engineers (ISE)
and the
The Performance Textiles Association (Pertexa/MUTA)
and naturally follow the Health and Safety Executive:
PUWER - Provision and Use of Working Equipment Regulations
LOLER - Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations

in all Big Top Hire, Circus Tent, Party tent Hire and Marquee Hire and use Operations.

For some events we organize the provision and set up of extra structures and circus tents
of all shapes and size: plus the more exotic Indian Wedding Tents , Medieval and Bell tents , Yurts & Tipi's.

With all events being different, our entertainment and activity programs are individually coordinated and we can offer a very flexible range.
Activities can take place inside the big tops or marquees or we can create large colourful areas.

Result; a fantastic event attraction!

Not just equipment,
Not just party rentals,
Not just an event supplier,
Not just Children's Entertainment,
Not just Festivals or Events,
Not just Fun Days,
Not just Corporate Entertainment,
Not just a Side Show.
Not just
Big Top Hire, Circus Tent Hire,
Marquee Hire, Vintage Tents or Party Tent Hire or striped tents for rent.

Marquee Equipment Hires and Rentals & Weddings With A Difference!
Candy Striped tents and Vintage Retro Canvas Marquees For Rent.
Yesteryear Traditional Village Green Victorian Circus!
Resources and Creative Ideas For all Events
Circus Party theme & Festival Theme Weddings and Circus Prop hire
Event Equipment Hire and Guidance. Marquee Hire Prices and Health and Safety Information Scroll below.

Ask about Special Deals for marquee hire & big top hire in the South West, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset & Somerset.
Package Deals for UK or Europe Marquees, Hires, Big Tops, Circus Tents, Party Tents, Event Equipment & Entertainment

And yes; Call it what you like; we can also arrange hire of yurts, tipis, teepees, wigwams, stretch tents, saddlespans, clearspan frame marquees, historic tent, re-enactment tents, ethnic tents, Indian Tents, Mongolian Tents, Raj tents, Pavilions, Arabian Tents, Chinese Hats, Pagodas, Pinnacle tents, Tension tents, bedouin tents, Jaimas, Grande Chapiteau, Mogul Tents, Moroccan tents, Oriental Tents, Luxury tents, mini marquees, chill out tents, tea tents, royal tents, Zirkuszelt, tente de cirque, sorcais puball, syrcas pabell, tienda de circo, carpa de circo, circo tenda, bell tents, world tents, Nordic kata tipis, star shades, walkway, event tents, shelters, canopies, carpas para bodas, beach tents, striped cabana, fortune tellers tents,