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Marquee Hire Health and Safety.

Event Planning Guidance, Event Safety.

Marquees are classified as Temporary Demountable Structures and are subject to various legislation including CDM(2015).

Government, British Standards, European, International and Industry Guidance.



HSE Safety Guidelines.

Safe Marquee Hire and Use.

Children's safety at Festivals and Events.

Safe Festival and Event Planning.

Event Industry News & Guidance.

Event Safety Guidelines, Event Safety Training.

Fire Safety at Events.

Safe Temporary Electrical Installations.

Marquee hire health and safety, event-planning

HSE News;

HSE are updating guidance on event safety inspections trying to avoid confusions between them and Local Authorities.
Inspect and comment on the draft documents here
Public consultation on a National Local Authority Enforcement Code
You can now see responses.

Recent Government HSE/HSL event safety guidance.
DEC 2011 Safety Good Practice
(with Olympics in mind).

"Identification of safety good practice in the construction and deconstruction of temporary demountable structures"
"Suggested Model for the safe management of temporary structures" 07768 498090

News; Increase your event safety; Using correct equipment and competent operators recording the results for your safety files (HSE / Muta /Insurance recommendation):

CAT SCANS; we are able to offer Cable and Services ground scanning using Cat Scanner and Genny. This can provide a critical extra safety factor, especially for operators during installation.

ANCHORAGE PULL TESTING: we can now offer ground anchorage pullout load testing and data recording for each location. This provides critical information especially valuable for event period safety.

WIND SPEED MONITORING and recording for temporary structures, marquees and event sites; This can be arranged for site specific locations again enabling safer events, installations and responses.

News; Our marquee hire safety training continued in March 2017 with our main team completing the MUTA Structure Safe course (We have the certificates!) New and casual staff are currently undergoing the online Structure Safe induction training (During Spring 2019)

Marquee Hire CDM (2015); Marquee installations (even in your back garden) are now classified as construction work and have a raft of further legislation to adhere to; we can supply and prepare full Pre-Construction Information (PCI) forms and Construction Phase Plans (CPP) and have a document full of useful information to help our clients prepare their own documents and safety files.

We have spent many hours figuring out the necessary information needed and processes required and consider ourselves as CDM COMPLIANT as possible..

These documents are sent to clients in advance of work commencing.

After safe install we use the Safety Culture I-Auditor app to create our very thorough Marquee Safety Check Lists and prepare marquee installation safety check lists and sign-off / hand-over documents for our clients.

News; Find us in the Stand Out Magazine / MUTA Temporary Structures Guide.

News; latest HSE CDM for Entertainments information CDM 2015 and the entertainment industry.

News; HSE publishes Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 Draft guidance on the Regulations and there are lots of new downloads about how it affects each type of duty holder in the construction (i.e.; erecting marquees at public or domestic locations!) business at CITB. Full guidance due in April 2015.

News; CDM / TMCSD regulations for event industry; interesting article via Access All Areas And StageSafe

News; Latest 2018 best practice Muta Guides for Marquees and Temporary structures and advice for clients available.

News; Purple Book USA now available. Download or purchase hard copies from the Event Safety Alliance ESA.

News; Play England has their latest guidance out for Managing risk in play provision.

News; Exploding the myths and making it easy! A great new resource for communities wanting to party! Streets Alive

News; Even the Government admits that Events are Great and we lead the world! Events Are Great Report

News; HSE/ Government updates to Electrical Safety For Entertainers INDG247 and Electrical Safety at Places of Entertainment GS50. Download details below.

Purple Guide Update revision @ the Event Industry Forum

Event / Festival Industry Bible, the HSE Event Safety Guide "The Purple Guide" is updated.

Launch Date ;
18th March 2014

In March 2015 our safety training continued with attendance on Bs7909 Design and Management of Temporary Electrical Installations run by Creative Skillset, E-Mech Entertainment Engineering and Lamp and Pencil Ltd.
Marquee Hire Health and Safety
Downloads and Resources

In the office we have an ever-growing library of books and information; some of which we also carry with us, (mostly on ipad/cloud or web) at work sites in accordance with HSE guidelines.

Coming soon;

Categories; Festival Organising and Sustainable Events.




Marquee Hire

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Marquee Hire Health and Safety

Are we competent?
Will it be safe?

We may be a small company
but, even so,
there is no room for compromise.

Our Marquees are built to European and British Standards

BS EN 13782:2015.Tents

Tent installations follow
these rules plus;

we aim to follow HSE approved,
Industry Standard Guidance
as prepared by The Institute of Structural Engineers

Marquee hire health and safety, event planning advice

"Temporary Demountable Structures"

and MUTA
Marquee hire health and safety, event planning and advice
Marquee Safety Guidance
in all operations.

We are not members but;
for you, the client,
one of the trade associations,
provides a VERY useful guide with marquee hire safety tips found here
Marquee Hire Health and Safety Advice download

We strongly advise clients to read it if unsure in any way.


Marquee Hire Electrical Training:

We have done
Electrical Training with :

Essential Supplies Ltd,

ES Lighting Ltd

Technical Training Solutions.


Creative Skillset, E-Mech Entertainment Engineering /Lamp and Pencil Ltd.


HSE Safety Passport Training

HSE safety training.
our main team are now registered with the
Safety Passport Alliance

We regularly update, continuously check things, have good records and reviews and send you many documents in advance.


Our Big Top Hire and Marquee Hire company is listed with;

tent and marquee rental guide
Marquee Hire-Guide

marquee hiring  information

tent rental trade  directory
Trade directory

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Good event hire information is also available from

The Event Hire Association

National Outdoor Events Association.

Event Safety Risk Assessments

If you are updating your risk assessments this is a handy matrix reminder;
produced by Chris Hannam at StageSafe who is always available for consultancy, training and projects.
risk assessment matrixRisk Assessment Matrix
Bigtopmania's Marquee Safety Advice and our own safety documentation;

This Top section contain Bigtopmania's most important marquee use safety documents often needed by event planners and safety officers.

Bigtopmania Marquee Hire Terms and Conditions 2016 (Simplified version including Bigtopmania and Client Responsibilities).

Advance Site Survey Checklist PDF format of advance site survey checklist. Useful checklist when checking site suitability and assessing potential risks.

Advance Site Survey Checklist Word Document. (Site survey can be completed by client and returned) .

Bigtopmania I-Auditor Safety Checklist Sign off. Browse a sample or join Safety Culture for free, download the I-Auditor app and

then download this marquee hire safety check list template we have spent many hours creating and adapt it to create your own personalised version!

Bigtopmania Health and Safety Policy 2019 Bigtopmania Health and Safety Policy .

Bigtopmania Marquee Hire PLI & EMPLOYERS Insurances This is our liability insurance schedule documentation.

Due for renewal 1st Nov 2019.

(NB; hirers remain responsible for damages, even though it is all insured by us, it has an excess of £500. You need your insurance too. Regardless; Please look after things as if they are your own!) .

Bigtopmania information for clients CDM(2015) PCI safety files. Useful Client Information Booklet for client's safety files, Pre Construction Information plans and Construction phase plans.

Bigtopmania Marquee Hire Risk Assessment Sample marquee hire risk assessment (this is generic and dynamic, we continually update as we work).

Bigtopmania Site Specific Marquee Hire Risk Assessment Sample site specific marquee hire risk assessment (extras to fill in per job when needed) .

Bigtopmania Temporary Electrical Installations Risk Assessment; Temporary Installations Risk Assessment for electrical systems relating to design, supply, install, use and removal of electrical equipment; Dynamic RA preferred. .

Bigtopmania Electrical Equipment Register and PAT Test Report 2018; Our PAT Test (In-service Inspection and Testing) certificate/ register or more correctly our Combined Formal and Visual Inspection Test Report; re-testing due May 2019.

Bigtopmania Fire Safety Order Risk assessment (this is for our own tented circus and other shows) (Event Organisers should do their own one too).

Bigtopmania Wind Management Plan and wind speed statement For Marquee Use This is our 2017 updated wind management plan for active safety management of our marquees. (i.e. if it's mega windy do not use tents as a refuge in storms or gales!).

NB; "Wind Management Plans" (and geotechnical surveys for ground suitability) may be the next buzz phrases for public event planning. (And if you haven't had them done.. will that make you more liable?)

Our tents are mostly suitable for use up to 40-50mph+, but built to 82mph /36 m/s as per British/Euro Standards and have proved themselves worthy in use! We have recently(2018) been advised by one of our manufacturers that some of our tents are manufactured to withstand 70mph winds in use.

To aid weather safety measures, we can monitor and collect wind or weather data, test the ground anchorage, strengthen the tent and more.

Bigtopmania Guidelines for developing a severe weather emergency evacuation plan for tented events our guidelines for developing a severe weather emergency evacuation plan for tented events.

Bigtopmania emergency evacuation checklist A useful checklist for clients to compile a safety emergency evacuation checklist.

The Beaufort Scale Wind speed categories are great to know. Like knowing how to tie knots!

Marquee Hire Usage Notes (some things to think about when using tents).

Simple Structural check list; things for a client to look out for after tent is handed over.

Daily Tent Check List (some things to look out for and check on pre-public admittance).

Sample Method Statement For Tent Erection (a sample how to set a marquee up recipe).

Marquee Tent Heaters Our guide on how to use our range of marquee heaters in real life!

Tent Heaters Manuals (for our Arcotherm Indirect Oil fired Heaters; manufacturer's manuals) .

Tent Heaters - Manufacturer's how to use them! (Indirect oil fired heater instructions and trouble shooter).

Crew Safety Passports (Bigtopmania Team member's HSE recommended SPA Safety Passport training).

PAT Testing Course Certificate (for In service inspecting and testing electrical kit) (Pete also attended Seaward's 4th edition code of practice seminar in March 2014) .

Bs7909 Temporary Electrical Installations Course Certificate Feb 2013, (Pete also attended a "Marquee Electrics Design and Safety" refresher course Feb 2012 )

BS7909 Certificate in Design and Management of Temporary Electrical Systems. Creative Skillset BS7909 training course completed 12th March 2015

and as a result, Pete has a Production Safety Passport with Creative Skillset and stored on line at Hiive.

First Aid Course Certificate. this is for basic first aid. emergency first aid, not as fully qualified first aider. ( we have 3 first aiders in the team and Lucas has done a Pediatric first aid course too)

Child Protection Course Certificate (Pete and marquee install team also have current DBS and a host of our event helpers have regular Dbs checks too..)

Pete attended seminar on updates to the 4th Edition Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing in March 2014



Most of our tents are made in the UK by MUTA Member Companies to Euro Standards EN BS 13782:2015:Tents.

To comply with the standards they are all made of inherently fire retardant fabrics.

We have been advised that this fire retardant property will last as long as the cloth will last in normal use.

Bigtopmania uses other styling fabrics that are either Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) or Fire Retardant (FR due to treating) to BS standards.

We have fire retardant voiles, velvets, patterns, plain colours, stage blacks, new, vintage all sorts!

Our marquees panels and decor fabrics and drapes are marked with labels on the fabrics or have certificates to that effect.

We cannot simply use any old fabric!

We advise great care if clients use their own fabrics, due to fire risk. (As with anything taken into the tents).

Generally it is advised to avoid real flame within tents.
In practice; candles, night lights, candelabras, cooking, bbqs, hog roasts have all occurred quite safely inside and outside the tents.

Smokeless fire pit brazier things are available and may be considered for indoor use.


Marquee Fire Certificate (relevant to our red and yellow tents, No 1, 2 and 3) using Dicksons' Fabrics, from France.

Marquee Fire Testing Certificate (relevant to our red and white tents, No 4, 5) using German Mehler / Sioen Fabric.

Marquee Fire Certificate WHITE pvc ( relevant to tent range No 4) using Mehler Valmex PVC Fabric.

Marquee Fire Certificate RED pvc ( relevant to tent range No 4) Sioen PVC Fabric.

Dicksons Fabrics technical data (relevant to white pvc in tents range No 5).

Clear PVC Fabric Fire Certificate (relevant to our tents No 2, 4 and no7) available from Mansam Fabrics.

Marquee Fire Certificate (white pvc no7 tent) available from Naizil Fabrics a lovely fabric from Italy.

Marquee Fire & Wind Certificate (white poly-cotton canvas for tents no 6 and no 8), the fabric is known as Regentex 12 FR and this form shows you the technical data.

Scoopy Range No 8, Petal Tent Fire Certificate.

Environment and Sustainability in the events industry; future-proofing our work.

We aim to leave no trace. We strive to be environmentally aware in our operations and it has been a passion for many many years.

Inevitably there is a transportation cost, waste and old equipment to dispose of; disposable carpets and underlay polythene are one of the biggest factors but they get recycled. We re-use and recycle as much as possible of our kit.

Canvas or PVC marquees? What is your preference. We have both...
It is our considered opinion that, from an environmental point of view; PVC, like most plastic, is bad. FULL STOP!

Though it must be said that there is a European wide strategy to reduce impact and recycle.. see "Vinyl Plus is the voluntary sustainable development programme of the European PVC industry".

BUT there are also major issues with Canvas / Cotton supply, manufacture and use too such that modern PVC and Cotton Canvas as well as many other fabrics may well be equal in their pros and cons.

Modern Poly Cotton Canvas and other tent skin fabrics that look natural; generally are NOT !

They are chemically infused, grown with chemicals and pesticides, and the fabrics generally contain PVC too!

Sadly, despite what may be claimed, perhaps neither can be truly considered to be any more eco-worthy than the other.
It would be fabulous if it could be otherwise!

So far; locally grown, organic, fair-trade cotton, hand sewn into naturally chemical free waterproof and fire retardant marquees isn't available. If you find it, please tell us!

Our marquee matting and carpets are installed on top of a damp proof membrane.. This membrane is made from recycled farm plastics. We collect it after use then take it back for further recycling. What a loop!


Marquee Hire and Temporary Structure Industry Advice & Guidelines.

Things we have found useful.
Collated and personally found informative and freely available on the web; so reproduced here.
Any issues, please advise and we can remove.

This is a tip of the iceberg, non-exhaustive list and any further guidance contained is purely for reference purposes and event planners must make their own minds up with due regard to relevant laws etc.
There are many more aspects to discover!

MUTA (Made-Up Textiles Association known formerly as Pertexa (Performance Textiles Association);
Long established UK Textiles and Marquee Industry trade body guiding and raising industry standards.

This independent Organisation is now less focused on textiles and manufacturing and very heavily geared towards the marquee industry and is a pioneer in safe working practices.
We are not members as we have a broader content to our work but we do follow all the advice to the best of our abilities.

MUTA; Guide to Choosing Hirer, September 2014. Excellent advice for private and public events. Biased towards using Muta members.

Muta; Guide to safe working practices. 2017 Muta Guidance note 5 guide to safe working practices. updated best practice guide.

MUTA; Best Practice Guide, 2018 Temporary structures and Marquee safety / work Bible ! A SUPPLIER'S MUST READ!

Muta; Marquee hire code of practice 2011 Major point of reference supported by HSE (regularly updated).

Muta; What Muta expects from a marquee company during inspections Expectations when Muta visits on site during work / premises.

Muta; What to expect from a marquee contractor what a client may expect from a marquee supplier.

Muta; A Client's Big Day useful basics for clients to read.

Muta; Marquee Hire -Doing it Right guide a basic safety guide for installers.

Extra guidance for Saddlespan structures an update to the above guidance with particular relevance to Saddlespan tents.

Muta has some updated 2016 information regarding CDM management for typical marquee hire scenarios. Available to members,

Guidance Note - Construction (Design and Management) 2015 Regulations December 2015 newsletter.

Marquee Hire Safety Advice available from the Marquee Hire Trade Organisation. MHTO.

a trade Organisation now seemingly more depleted; perhaps defunct?

MHTO - Marquee Hire Health and Safety Taster Manual; The FULL document is incredibly complete on marquee use health and safety and risk assessment.

Marquee hire and temporary structures health and safety guidelines;

Other Highly useful documents and web locations.

Tent Basics, Frequently asked questions Tent Experts! of interest to clients and suppliers.

HSE Temporary Demountable Structures Safety Guidance (short guidance 2012) very HSE useful checklist for organisers and clients.

BS EN 13782:2015 Tents; Temporary structure. Safety updated Pan-European Tent Design and Use Standards. VERY IMPORTANT!
(we carry a copy)

Institute of Structural Engineers - Temporary Demountable Structures, 2007 Ed The Institute of structural engineers temporary demountable structures guidance on procurement, design and use (third edition)2007. We carry a copy of updated 2017 4th edition)
available to purchase from The Institute of Structural Engineers;

Most local authorities who have responsibility for marquees at public events will refer to this and to the above Muta guidelines.

TUV SUD temporary structures design service if you are manufacturing and designing this could be an invaluable testing and design service. "TÜV SÜD also has a specialized service offer for temporary structures such as open-air stages, grandstands, marquees, tents, temporary exhibition halls, high-wire trapezes and show displays"

IFAI USA - Handbook for tent use 2nd Ed. 3rd Edition is now available. An American perspective on tent use from their trade body.

InTents Magazine Anyone in the temporary structures business should Subscribe NOW !

Tent Basics FAQ from the IFAI Tent Rental Division (TRD) education resource. Tent basics for suppliers and clients USA trade association perspective.

IFAI Guide to staking tents and marquees; Not all tents are the same but none want to collapse.

A guide to staking and working out the anchorage required. TopTec staking study and guide with test for installers to safety check.

NB; worryingly this too may become an issue for all public events with the expectancy of geotechnical surveys to assess the actual pull capacity of soils in specific site locations.

Available from the mainly USA Tent Manufacturers and Rental Company Trade Organisation

which is itself a Industrial Fabrics Association International subshoot.

Guild of Tent Masters; Code of Practice a U.K. perspective that is slightly dated but useful and may be re-launching soon.

US Army - Guidance to heaters in tents. a practical guide to tent heating options.

Isle of Man - Tent use guidance is a typical U.K. regional local authority document regarding marquee hire and use guidance.

University Orientated marquee use guidance An idea of what a UK University might expect from a marquee supplier and event planners.

Rope Breaking Strains; for guy ropes and main guys. Less 10% for splicing and divide by 4 or 5 for suggested Safe Working Load. Check and replace weathered / worn ropes to avoid in use breakages. (We mostly use Hempex and Staple Spun Polypropylene rope.)

American Rental Association Feb 2013. Statement of Best Practices of Emergency Evacuation Planning for Tented Events. Worth a good read!

Have you considered creating an emergency evacuation plan for your event and a checklist to action? We can help!

American Rental Association Online Tent Training Course Tent training course for marquee installers and suppliers.

The ARA also have lots of resources and a free to download rental magazine packed with useful information and further Tent Rental specific editions.

How to look after a Canvas Marquee Really good 2013 Maintenance Guidance from Aztec Tents in Canada, regarding their Sailcloth Canvas marquee range; appropriate to all canvas tents.

Manufacture and Design of Special Structures Rudi Enos Design; THE Design Experts and very wise to subscribe to newsletter.

Buro Happold Marquee Safety report 1992 UK Useful Buro Happold, Muta commissioned, marquee safety report acting as good guidance.

Association of Independent Festivals, AIF Structural Safety Seminar Write-up: Royal Festival Hall, 3rd Feb 2012 Structural Safety At Festivals Seminar Report. AIF Structural Safety Seminar Write-up: Royal Festival Hall, 3rd Feb 2012

Manual for the handling of PVC-coated polyester fabrics; Advice from Pvc fabric manufacturers association IVK Europe concerning cleaning and storage of pvc fabrics. Well worth a read.

Monitoring Building Regulations and Temporary Structure Fire Safety In Victoria, Australia Monitoring Building Regulations and Temporary Structure Fire Safety In Victoria, Australia fire safety report 2009.


Event Planning Guidelines and Advice.

HSE Events Safety Guidance website Fabulous new (2012) website from the HSE with Guidance for running events safely.

London Events Toolkit Fabulous for planning an event in London London. Event Planning guide packed with information. Everything you need to know as a London event planner!

North East Festivals and Events Toolkit
Was a Top of the Range Regional Event Safety Planning Toolkit. Sadly taken down now.

Event Scotland a fabulous site geared up to events in Scotland. Thorough free download event planning advice.

Event Management-A Practical Guide; This is a sample chapter 9 "Event Production" from Event Scotland

Greener Festival Alliance - Sustainable Power at Events Dec 2102, Totally worth devouring in order to decrease your power consumption.

Download "the Power Behind Festivals Guide 2012" here.

Royal Parks London, Events Guidance. as it says; how to plan an event in a royal park, London.

Events Safety Guide (Purple Book) (guidance for Music festivals and events organisers- due for update 2013, see above.)

Event Services Association - Event Organisers Book list This is a list of relevant books on event planning. Amazon is a good place to search too.

Home Office - Good Practice Safety Guide. Sport and Road Events gives ideas for e.g.; road race planning.

A sample local authority event planning guide (i.e. from their Event Safety Advisory Group) .

Association of Event Organisers - Event Planning Guide (mainly referring to exhibitions and events) .

TAO - event organisers book list this is quite a handy reference point for event planning resources.

Simple Guide to Licensing Circus And Street Arts as it says; a simple guide to licensing for circus and street theatre in the UK.

Event planning guide to Carnival arts a guide for carnivals and processions from Milton Keynes' based Carnival workshop.

ISAN - Street Arts Code of Practice. The Independent Street Arts Network code of practice mainly for organisers and artists.

How to organise a fete (fetes and street parties. local government advice simplified for jubilee events)

StreetParty.Org A fab new resource for all interested in organising street parties, brought to you by Streets Alive

Event Industry News Bulletins sign up for regular event industry news Email bulletins.

Stand Out Magazine subscribe and receive free as with Access all Areas magazine, both worthy U.K. event magazines.

MCL Events guide to Conference/ exhibitions for the more corporate minded; a simple Give me a Clue concept to indoor events.

Festival And Event Production A USA biased website packed with useful information and festival event production guides.


Fire Safety Order / Fire Safety Guidelines for UK Events.

These are all fire safety order guidance documents that help you prepare the necessary fire safety risk assessment for your event.


Fire Safety Order - Small and Medium Places of Assembly.

Fire Safety Order - Large Paces of Assembly.

Fire Safety Order - Outdoor Events.

Fire Safety Order - Theatres and the like.

Guidance on Electrical safety, temporary electrical installations and temporary power in marquees or at events from the

HSE- Electrical Safety and The IET,

Institute of Engineering and Technology, (formerly the Institute of Electrical Engineers).

In general the vast majority of temporary electrical installations will require a senior responsible competent person, a design, a safe install, safe tested equipment, circuit safety testing and result recording.

Bs7909; 2011 Code of practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes. Invaluable!

Guidance re; bs7909 small systems (purchase your own copy of this standard for full info). Code of Practice for the Design and Installation of temporary distribution systems.. up to 6.5kw.

"Temporary Power Systems: A guide to the application of BS7671 and BS7909 for temporary events." published by the IET autumn 2013. Likely to be an invaluable guide.

Mr James Eade is available for BS7909 training courses and other electrical services and appears to be a fountain of knowledge on these subjects

HSE- Electrical Safety For Entertainers. New 2014 update regarding electrical safety of equipment an entertainer may use.

HSE - Electrical Safety at Places of Entertainment. a guide to safe electrical supplies at theaters etc. New 2014 update here Electrical safety at places of entertainment

General rules of electrical design Schneider Electric; Electric Installation guide.

HSE - Electrical Safety and You general guidance for your own electrical safety at work.

Introduction to PAT testing IET Code of Practice with Hire Industry update coming late 2012.. see HAE link below.

HAE EHA Code of Practice: Guidance on Electrical Safety Testing in the Hire Industry. New guide Feb 2013 available from the H.A.E

HSE. Safety in Electrical Testing at Work This is new Oct 2013 guidance aimed at persons carrying out electrical safety testing/ PAT testing.

17th Edition fact sheet (purchase your own copy of this standard for full info) .

IET Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management April 2013 New Standard form the IET designed to aid individuals and organisations manage the risks associated with an electrical system.

Sample BTEC stage electrical installations . an idea of a training course in stage electrics.

Articles from The Institution of Engineering and Technology: "Wiring Matters" Magazine:

Some highly relevant electrical articles;

IET Wiring Matters 20 autumn 2006- Small Systems (re B.S. 7909; up to 6.5kw) .

IET Wiring Matters 23, summer 2007, - Exhibition Stands an article on electrical supplies at exhibitions.

IET Wiring Matters 25, winter 2007- Fairgrounds an article on electrical supplies at fairgrounds and circus.

IET Wiring Matters 31 summer 2009- Temporary Cables (i.e. DO USE H07 RNF Black Rubber Outdoors and in marquees) .

IET Wiring Matters 33 winter 2009- Arctic Cables ( i.e. DO NOT use blue arctic cables outdoors. they are NOT designed for it) .

IET Wiring Matters 38 spring 2011- Pat Testing 2011 an article about pat testing.

IET Wiring Matters 39, summer 2011 - Generators an article on electrical supplies from generators.

IET Wiring Matters 40, autumn 2011 - Electrical Installations Condition Reports an article about the recording of information.

IET Wiring Matters 42, spring 2012- Pat Testing 2012 an article about pat testing.

IET Wiring Matters 43 summer 2012 - In service Inspection and Testing. changes to guidance in 2012.

IET Wiring Matters 44, autumn 2012- What is an Electrician as it says.. what is an electrician? Who is competent?

IET Wiring Matters 46 spring 2013- Temporary Power Systems An article about new book by James Eade;

IET Wiring Matters 59 winter 2015 - Interview with James Eade Interview with James Eade

IET Wiring Matters 60 spring 2016 -Electrical Installations in Theaters and Performance venues Electrical installations in Theaters and performance venues article.

IET Wiring Matters 60, spring 2016- Fairgrounds updated article on electrical supplies at fairgrounds and circus.

IET Wiring Matters 61,summer 2016-Electrical Installations at Live outdoor venues article about electrical installations at live outdoor venues

IET Wiring Matters 62,autumn 2016- Backstage at the theatre: what it takes to power a show Backstage at the theatre-what it takes to power a show.

signing up to email bulletins from Seward Group is a good idea for safety testing information.

and from the UK Forestry Industry Safety Accord .. a near miss involving a marquee install and underground electrical services.

and have you considered the consequences of lightening strikes on the event, infrastructure or people? Or the effects of flooding, river bank bursting, mud slides on your event or structures?


HSE Health and Safety/ IOSH / Loller / Puwer/ HSL regulations relating to events;

Event Safety Guidelines.

HSE - Health and Safety Toolbox latest 2012 HSE guidance website for businesses.

HSE - 5 steps to risk assessment. a simple step by step guide to risk assessment.

HSE - Safety Passport schemes. Staff safety training and national database.

IOSH - Contractor Safety from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

IOSH - Setting Standards.

IOSH - Avoiding Danger from Underground Services. important for marquee stakes going into the ground!

See and learn from sample accident where a marquee stake hit underground high voltage cable.

HSE - Manual Handling. a guide to safe lifting and carrying.

HSE - Maintaining Portable Kit how to maintain portable electrical appliances.

HSE - Guide to Examining Lifting Equipment. Our lifting gear is regularly examined and tested Loller file kept.

HSE - Guide to Danger From Power Lines. Important not to site temporary structures too close to power lines.. there are guide distances.

HSE - H&S "what you should know". A simple guide to what you should know about health and safety.

HSE - Use of Contractors "A Joint Responsibility" when contractors are engaged there are joint responsibilities.

HSE - Simple Guide to Lifting Reg's a simple guide to regulations about lifting.

HSE - Intro to H&S. a simple introduction to health and safety.

HSE - Guide to Wacker Use (using a vibrating marquee stake driver tool).

Look up COSH rules and regs too regarding the safe use, transportation and storage of chemicals, powders, fuels. gases etc.

Children's Safety at Festivals and Events.

HSE-GOVERNMENT ATTITUDE TOWARDS PLAY; IT'S COOL TO HAVE RISKY PLAY! ! 2012; Children's play and leisure: promoting a balanced approach. Don't be put off by fear of litigation.. accidents can happen, control the severe risks but please; let them play!
Key message: ‘Accidents and mistakes happen during play – but fear of litigation and prosecution has been blown out of proportion.’

E-Festivals guide - Taking Kids to festivals top festivals website .

Festival Kidz - Secrets to enjoying a festival with kids lovely kids at festivals blog .

GO Outdoors - Guide To Kids At Festivals all sorts of outdoor activity.

Society for Storytelling sample festivals child safety policy

Play England _ Managing risk in play provision Advocates for play.. sign up now!

Practical tips for Play Rangers 1 - Outdoor play part of a series of tips for play workers .

Play England have a vast range of play resources and guidance for Play activities and methods .

The new Purple Guide will have updated information regarding provisions for children and families at festivals.

At Bigtopmania we have been arranging and providing on site play areas at events and festivals for many years.

Haz Off

a pet hate is challenged;

Join the Hazoff Campaign to STOP USING HAZARD LIGHTS at events here!

Should we all join the campaign to ban Sky Lanterns??

Of concern to event organisers big and small;

Changes to the Purple book regarding structures may have severe legal implications!!

see what you think;
HSE Guidance document draft changes - Temporary Structures.

This is coming to the fore.. see the Dec 2012 Issue Stand Out Magazine, article about health and safety and the CDM (Construction Design And Management) regulations, page 39, By Steve Kearney of the Event Safety Shop.


showing how the UK is way ahead in terms of Event Safety, and before the U.K. version gets updated, The Purple Guide and the Safety Passport Scheme are being exported to the USA.
Events Safety Alliance exports to USA. (and probably much further afterwards.)
It was introduced at the
Event Live Expo 2013



Event Planning;

Event Safety Marquee Health and Safety is paramount.

If planning a private or public event it is vital to consider many options and factors.

For public events you are advised to contact your local authority asap and liaise thoroughly with licensing bodies where appropriate.

We don't profess to know everything but have been involved with event organising, production, crewing, working at, supplying, performing, for the last 30+ years full time.

We can point in the right direction and offer guidance and suggestions viz;

Marquee hire health and safety, event planning guidance, event safety and marquee safety hire advice.