BigTopMania presents the:
Crazy Bikes - Cycle Circus
Wacky Cycle Roadshow with

Cycle Stunt Shows, Clown Bike and Trick Cyclist Demos.

Fun Hands-on Cycling Events!!
Unicycle Meets Bike - Meets Trick Cycling- Extreme Cycling!
Plus ..Crazy Bike Sales
Browse below.. there's so much more! Cycling roadshow and bike stunt show event videos at bottom of page
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We do Trick Cyclist roadshows

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Cycle stunt show Video.. down below!

We are the TRUE Cycle Circus.

presenting a fun Cycling Roadshow with huge Circus Elements.


Great for schools!
A Winner With all Ages...
from Toddlers to Adults!

Get Out..
Get Active..
Get Fit..
Get Cycling..
Get Crazy!

Get on your Bike... Clown! Become a trick cyclist and Join in the Cycle Roadshow!


Cycle roadshow Banner
Crazy Bike Sales... to order only

call us for details and a one2one service.

New Crazy Bikes Sold to order (sometimes 2nd hand), even Assembled, sometimes Delivered.
07768 498090

Cycle Roadshows!

Come Along!
You don't even need to be able to ride a bike as you can always glide, scoot or be pushed around!

And Hey.. if you are an expert professional or really good amateur; trick cyclist, bmx flat lander, bmx jump expert, MTB trails rider, Unicyclist, Artistic Cyclist or have some silly clown bikes too or something pedal powered to offer.. get in touch

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Crazy Bike at Fruitstock Festival 2006
small version of the cycle circus crazy bikes arena gets much bigger!
Above and Below;
Small Crazy Bikes Arena!
Innocent Drinks'
Fruitstock Festival,
Regents Park,
London. Aug 2006

cycle circus at the Innocent Drink's Fruitstock Festival in Regents park 2006
Crazy Bikes in use for a cycle roadshow

Below at the Cycle Circus Roadshow provided for
Exeter Cycle-Sunday
Bike Week Event June 2006

unicycle and juggling clown bike show at Exeter Bike Week  Event 2006
Tall and small Unicycling and passing juggling clubs

Lucas wintercrane on unicycle on Andrei Burton's Trials Rig
Unicycle on MTB trials rig

Random Displays
& Daring Demos Provided!
(So long as the cool image is maintained!)

PeteZa on Giraffe Unicycle clown bike
PeteZa on giraffe unicycle.. he's an expert with the clown bike.

Below; Stunt Displays at the
Ragged Hedge Fair
Cirencester, Sept 2006

Andrei Burton Mountain bike trials stunt show
Andrei Burton
European Mountain Bike
Trials Champion 2006. Trick Cyclist Extraordinaire

Andrei provides the large interchangeable trials rig & does amazing extreme cycling stunt shows. He is sponsored by Saltrock Surf, Saddles and Paddles and by Cycle Exeter/Devon County Council to provide Bicycle Safety Displays.
Top Notch Full-On
Skills on wheels..
Lucas joins in the fun and they do
"bike meets unicycle" extreme
cycle stunt shows too!

Andrei Burton Mountain bike trials stunt show
Lucas teams up with Andrei

At a Huge Circus of Cycling!
London To Brighton
Clapham Common 2003 & 04.

Unicycle at London to Brighton Bike Ride
Unicycling at London To Brighton Bike Ride

(Re-Cycling Westminster!)
London Lord Mayors Show,
2004, 2005

Unicycle London Lord Mayors Show parade
Unicycling on the Lord Mayors Parade

You could have
Seen Us At the

Isle Of Wight Cycling Festival
Launch Day 15th Sept 2007

plus.. at
cycle roadshow events 2007
North Devon Walking & Cycling Festival.
Exeter Bike Week.
Stockport Bike week
Islington Festival
of Cycling.
Bristol Schools.
Exeter Playschemes.
Haldon Forest.
Tour de France!UK!
and at dozens of other events nationwide

(Young Cycling Tip.. buy your toddler a new generation balance/scoot bike e.g.; from jdbug or Puky or Likeabike.. forget stabilisers!)

The Cycle Circus is an

Suitable for;

Cycling Festivals, Bike Events, Cycling Events

Unicycling Events, Extreme Events, Circus Events
A Great Cycle Roadshow Attraction
For Bike Events!
indeed.. all Events!!!
We present the cycle circus either in combination with our other activities or as an extremely popular stand alone event in itself.
Bring out the trick cyclist in your soul! Get on your Unicycle or try one of ours!

Click here to see one of our Bike Events:
the Cycle Circus Cycling Event in Barnstaple

Why not see what we can do for
Bike Week Events.

Each year we do an event (s) somewhere!

. Here's where we were in 2008 at Haldon Forest Park, Cycling Celebration Back there 2009

Here's one that also happened at Haldon Forest Fools Day Bash, 1st April 2007

In 2007 we presented various Cycle Roadshows at Bike Week events Nationwide including; working for Sustrans' Bike It teams at London schools ( Kids love all the clown bikes!), Le Tour D'Arsenal at Emirates Stadium, Cycle Exeter and opening the first ever primary school Velodrome in Stoke on Trent.. and more!!

We even had lots of feature photos in the 2006 and 2007 Bike Week brochure!

It's Fantastic, Fun-Filled
and Fully Participatory!
Its Best when it's Free!

ps: we have loads of new top of the range crazy bikes, balance bikes, wacky wheels inc KMX Carts, Sqrls, Pedalo, Street Surfer,etc
We Bring.. lots of well maintained
Crazy Bikes, Fun Bikes, Wacky Bikes
Clown Bikes, Unicycles
Mini Bikes, Trick Bikes, Wobbly Bikes
UnRideable Bike, Reverse Steering Bikes
Bob-Along Bikes, Bronco-Bikes
Skate-Bikes, Penny-Farthings
Wheels, Odd Wheeled Contraptions
Drag Trikes, Bike-Boards
Mini Tandems, Pedal-Go's
Snake Boards, Scooters
(we are always adding items to the arsenal!)
Try one and become a trick cyclist yourself!!
It is a hands on cycle roadshow!

You give us the space needed. (bigger the better, but we are very adaptable)

We bring the bikes!

but you can bring your bike too!

can provide and arrange everything needed including:

Teaching Staff
Trick Cyclists
Unicycling Displays
Extreme Cycling Stunt Shows,MTB Shows, Flatland and BMX shows
Arena Setup
Marquees & Shelters
Safety Barriers & Fencing
Personal Safety Equipment
Pa system (12 volt or mains)
Flags & Bunting
Banners & Decorations.
Prizes & Promotional Items!!

Other cycling mayhem you might include..
Cycle & Road Safety,
Obstacle Courses
Helmet Initiatives,
Bicycle Generators
Bicycle Powered Inventions
Cycle Powered Pa Systems,
Cycle Powered Cinema
Artistic Cycling
Crazy French Cycle shows
Dr. Bike Clinics,
Recumberents, Tandems,
Sustrans Information,
Cycle to Work,
Cycle Path
and Cycling Initiatives ,

We arrange and work alongside other artists and suppliers
such as trick cyclists & riders from the various cycling and circus worlds...

Unicyclists, BMX, Flatland, Jumps, Half Pipe Shows,
MTB, Trials, Teams, Artistic Cyclists, Skate, Tall Bike Riders, Stilt-Bike riders.

Full Health and Safety Pack
provided including;
Risk Assessment,
PLI and Employers Insurance.

Our Staff and Artists have
Fully Enhanced Disclosures
Working With Children.
Emergency First Aid Training
and a good Kit!

Attendance Fees are Charged to the Organisers
We can send you a full guide.
(We have to make a living!)
The Cycle Circus can come in all shapes and sizes and Fees are dependent on the scale of things and where and when!
...remember that when presented in association with our other activities...
we can make deals!!

Grant Applications, Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities Arise.
From financing our activities or sponsoring riders to product placement, promotional displays and providing promotional items and give-away's.


Actively Pushing the extremes of the Unicycle further and further!

PeteZa has been Unicycling since the early 1980's and has performed with it thousands of times, taught many hundreds of others to ride and let thousands have a go, taste the thrills and get hooked!
Bigtopmania.. Its a trick cycling family!
PeteZa, Lucas and Leonie have unicycled at many hundreds of events and are often seen in shows or on parade!
(Mum rides too and often joins in)
Lucas learnt aged 4 and a half!
Perhaps that's why he's really good at it!
(Obsessed, is another way of putting it!)

The Bigtopmania Family!
Bigtopmania Family on crazy bikes!

extreme cycling, extreme unicycling, north cornwall mobile skate park
Lucas makes light work of the
North Cornwall Mobile Skate Park.

...Of many things possible...
...but a few...
Here's a few videos embedded from You Tube.
If they don't work browse Youtube for Bigtopmania Cycle Circus or Bigtopmania Crazy Bikes or Lucas Wintercrane for more of his unicycle, Plain Lazy and Qu-Ax videos.
showing some of the bikes...

Smaller Indoor CYCLE ROADSHOW at Hatherleigh youth club in 2009
Lucas, being a young trick cyclist on Blue Peter.. Dig the Badge

Back to Top
go on.. have some clown bike fun!

North Devon Walking and Cycling Festival, Cycle-Circus, Celebration Day
A Cycle Circus Poster, Top rated Cycle Roadshow event.

Images below;
The 2nd Barnstaple,
North Devon.
Cycle Circus
May 2006

Trick Cyclist on NorthShore mountain bike Sea-Saw
Alex, Trick Cyclist, on North Shore see-saw

is from the Okehampton Free-Riders who provided the Northshore rig (some of it shown below) and he also does Bike Hire in the Devon area with
Ride-On Southwest!

Lucas Wintercrane, trick Uni cyclist, unicycles on northshore mountain bike rig
Unicycle jump over the gap

Lucas Wintercrane Unicycles Northshore mountain bike rig
Lucas Wintercrane
(Trick Unicyclist!)

is the only 3-TIMES WINNER of the British Freestyle Unicycle Competition 2003, 2006, 2007.
International IUF Rules.
He is sponsored by Qu-Ax. (German Unicycle Manufacturer) and is our right-hand-man unicycle-wise, providing displays of extreme unicycling and fancy foot-work
and in display team mode with other fantastic extreme unicyclists.
(Even with his talented sister!)

Lucas in front of Qu-Ax Sponsor Poster

The Unicycle has been around since the beginnings of Victorian Cycling as seen at many cycling events, but slowly, armed with new inventions, styles and mad teenagers, Unicycling is breaking free of the Circus and is becoming a HUGE extreme street sport and is immensely popular on both the local UK and World stage.

Unrideable bike, reverse steering bike
Unrideable Bike with reverse steering is just one of many other clown bikes.

It isn't, but it takes practice!

Lucas Wintercrane unicycles Northshore mountain bike rig
Unicycle long jump!

Jumping into space from the Okefreeriders'
Northshore Mountain Bike Rig!

Penny Farthing
Larking about on a (baby) Penny Farthing!

Lucas Wintercrane Giraffe Unicycle on Northshore mountain bike Rig
Lucas takes the Giraffe for a spin on the Northshore rig

Whilst Leonie, in fairy-mode stays cute! and proves that girls are just as good! (In fact.. some are the world's best)

Leo Wintercrane Cute Fairy on unicycle
Fairy on a Unicycle

Girl on Giraffe Unicycle
Leo on Giraffe Unicycle


Contact Bigtopmania when planning a Cycle Roadshow, Extreme or Fun Cycling Event or Bike Events that need a Cycle Circus with Crazy Bikes, or if you just need more info about the humble Unicycle!

not forgetting..
we occasionally hire our unrideable bike or clown bikes for
fund-raising and sponsored rides

It's the Wheel Thing!